Welcome to Dr.Skinstitchers!

        Whether your looking for belts, dog collars, guitar straps, deer and elk purses and pouches and bags and shirts, gun slings, motorcycle seats or saddlebags, armbands, bondage gear, weight belts, or anything else you can dream up, the choices are endless! Just about any style, colour, or shape is possible! If you have a personal design or picture you'd like carved and stamped onto your item, or maybe you want your tattoo or band name copied onto something leather, it CAN  be done!  If it can't, that just means that it needs to be tried and perfected so that it goes to the 'Can be done' category! If you think you deserve museum quality artifacts ,then you DO!  We'd love to hear your ideas and bring you into the amazing world of.... Dr.Skinstitcher's Custom leathers!

Seats made custom fit for any style bike! Pan seats, Frame accents, Covered Tanks-Fenders, Etc,etc...

Gun slings, Knife sheathes, Ammo-GPS-hunting gear pouches! Etc,etc...

Guitar straps made to suit whatever needs (or wants!) you have!

Feel free to call or E-mail us to discuss custom orders or get quotes! All items are unique because the ideas come from out of the customer's imaginations! We love a challenge!

E-mail: dr.skinstitcher@hotmail.com

Ph # (403)-748-3909

Bentley, Alberta, Canada.